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Wardrobes – A statement or a necessity?

Wardrobes – A statement or a necessity?

How many of you have got stuck up in a situation when you can’t find what you are looking for in your wardrobes? All of us have faced this situation sometime or the other. So, we are presenting to you various types of wardrobes that you can choose to become a trendy lifestyle statement as well as optimize your space to fulfill your storage requirements.

  • Hinged wardrobes

These are the most used and conventional types of wardrobes. In this type of wardrobe, shutter or door is attached to the wardrobe with hinges. The shutters can open at 90-degree angle and you can get a full view of the closet. For spaces with limited width available, hinged wardrobes would be the better choice as compared to sliding wardrobes. However, you would need space to open the doors.

  • Sliding Wardrobes

Sliding wardrobes have picked up popularity in recent years and is amongst the contemporary wardrobe designs. These can be made in various materials such as glass, mirror, laminates or acrylic. Since the door are sliding, they don’t need space to open the doors and don’t hinder the traffic in the room. Depending on the width of space available, two, three or four door sliding wardrobes can be chosen.     These are costlier as compared to hinged wardrobes due to the sliding mechanism used for sliding doors. It does not present a full view of wardrobe when open, as one side of the wardrobe would open at a time.

  • Walk in Closet

This is a dream come true for many of us. Who would not want to walk in a closet full of your clothes, bags, shoes and other essentials? So, if you have the luxury of space, then walk in closet is the go-to option.

This type of closets come in various shelving options; you can get innovative storage solutions. Since all the items would be visible, you can easily find your stuff and organize them as needed time to time. It can offer long hanging spaces to suit dresses, medium hanging to suit coats and shelves to keep your shoes, bags and accessories in order. These areas have enough space, so you can fit in a dresser or ottoman or a chair to double as your dressing area. Add shelves, clothing rails and build the design per your convenience. You can add integrated lighting to offer a modern lifestyle statement.

In Indian cities, you can face the problem of dirt accumulating on your items, so you can opt for a glass door to keep it closed at times you are not using it.

  • Corner Wardrobes

These are also known as L-shaped wardrobes and are the perfect solution to corner of a bedroom. They fully utilize the part of the bedroom which otherwise would be wasted. It offers a great storage solution. It can be made in a variety of sizes and materials, and will keep your interior space organized. Segregate “his” and “her” spaces, so that everything has a proper place.

  • Customized Wardrobes

Does your room have tight corners? It has unexpected nooks and corners? Then choose customized wardrobes to fit your space and turn it into a functional space. Customized wardrobes can fit in non-standard and unusual sizes, or if you want a multipurpose space such as with a working desk or with an inbuilt bed. You can also incorporate lofts above these wardrobes, to incorporate even more storage space. They will make use of otherwise dead space. If your home has an inbuilt space for wardrobe, then you would need to customize it per the space available

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